About Us

Welcome to the world of La Parfumerie Anglaise

                                                     About Us

La Parfumerie Anglaise is a small independent company that is dedicated to bringing you the best in personal and home fragrance products, at prices that don’t break the bank. Indeed, our mission in life is to deliver to you a ‘department-store’ level of quality at an affordable price. Our perfumes are made in the ‘time-honoured’ fashion, using the finest ingredients sourced from the UK’s leading manufacturers in this field.

Our current range comprises 14 luxury Eau de Parfums, with more being added each month. All of our perfumes are batched at the 15% to 20% fragrance level, to produce a fragrance that is strong and long-lasting.

We also produce a range of high-quality reed diffusers, in 9 enticing fragrances, which boast an average lifespan of 8-12 months per unit.

                                       About LPA Fragrances

All of our perfumes are produced in the traditional manner. First, we commission samples of the finest grade fragrance oils from the UK’s leading fragrance oil manufacturers. These oils are then mixed with a carefully selected blend of alcohol and fragrance enhancers, which, just like fine wine, are left to mature for several months before the first batch is drawn; tested 'in-house'; and then put out to a select group of customers for evaluation. Only those fragrances which
meet these exacting standards are put into full production.

With LPA, you can be assured of the quality and legality of our ingredients and production process. All our materials are sourced from within the EU and consequently, are certified as meeting the more exacting European safety standards.
We do not use ingredients that have been tested on animals, nor do we allow our own products to be tested in that way.

All of our perfumes and body care products are assessed by an EU-approved cosmetic chemist; registered with the relevant UK authorities; and both LPA, as producers, and all of our products are registered on the UK Cosmetic Notification Database (OPSS) as the law demands. We also work closely with our local trading standards authority, to ensure that all of the products that we
offer for sale meet the highest standards of quality and safety. Not all handmade dealers can say the same!